What is Digitalization and Electronic Archiving?

Digitalization and Electronic Archiving are essential components of any document management project, whether for public or private archives. In the digital age, these disciplines play a crucial role in achieving effective and secure electronic file management systems. They encompass a range of topics such as digital curation, web archiving, personal information management, and the management of records in digital repositories. This field covers various critical elements required for digitalization and archiving projects. It addresses security techniques, risks, legal and regulatory considerations, as well as contractual and insurance aspects.

Why is Digitalization and Electronic Archiving Important?

Digitalization and Electronic Archiving, as disciplines within Information Security, are instrumental in the effective and secure management of personal information and records in digital repositories. They focus on how information is managed and utilized efficiently to benefit individuals and organizations. The process of digitizing and archiving documents is a driving force for transformation. It enables better decision-making by leveraging information analysis, a critical aspect for organizations of all sizes, types, and complexities.

Benefits of Digitalization and Electronic Archiving Certification

Acquiring a PECB Digitalization and Electronic Archiving Certificate demonstrates that you have:

  • Grasped the structure of electronic records and their various levels of representation.
  • Developed an understanding of models for records creation, use, disposal, and curation.
  • Recognized the implications for authenticity, integrity, reliability, and usability of records in electronic systems.
  • Gained knowledge of records-keeping strategies for electronic records in diverse environments, including corporations, municipalities, government departments, cultural heritage institutions, academic institutions, and archives.
  • Mastered digitization and digital preservation/archiving techniques.
  • Developed the ability to efficiently organize and apply both newly acquired and existing knowledge.
  • Gained the necessary expertise to approach digitization projects effectively.
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