What is ISO 18788?

ISO 18788 outlines the requirements and offers guidance for organizations engaged in or contracting security operations. It establishes a framework for developing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and enhancing a Security Operations Management System. This standard supports the ongoing improvement of security services, ensuring customer safety, and upholding human rights. ISO 18788 demonstrates adherence to laws and regulations, respect for human rights, and the establishment of professional security operations to better fulfill customer and stakeholder needs.

Why is a Security Operations Management System important for you?

The significance of ISO 18788 lies in the organization’s capacity to identify relevant legal and regulatory guidelines while supporting business functions and the supply chain. Applicable to any organization involved in conducting or contracting security operations, ISO 18788 certification aids in establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving a Security Operations Management System, ensuring effective management controls are in place.

Moreover, it showcases the organization’s commitment to consistently delivering quality services meeting customer needs, safeguarding the customer’s and organization’s reputation, and adhering to applicable laws and human rights requirements. By participating in PECB training courses and obtaining ISO 18788 credentials, you acquire the necessary expertise to assist an organization in implementing and managing a Private Security Operations Management System (SOMS). Additionally, you gain the skills to effectively manage a Security Operations team.

Benefits of ISO 18788 Security Operations Management System

Individuals certified by PECB in ISO 18788 empower the organization to:

  • Provide reliability and establish effective Corporate Governance
  • Strengthen credibility and protect reputation
  • Ensure the quality and professionalism of security organizations
  • Establish sustained customer improvements
  • Instill confidence in customers, governments, and communities
  • Increase the potential for operational success
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