What Is ISO/IEC 27002?

ISO/IEC 27002 stands as an international standard offering guidance for the selection and adoption of information security controls, as well as the implementation of information security standards and practices. It applies universally, catering to organizations of varying sizes and industries. ISO/IEC 27002 can be customized to formulate information security management directives tailored to a specific organizational context.

Originally introduced in 2005, with a subsequent revision in 2013, ISO/IEC 27002 underwent further updates and was republished in 2022. This latest iteration presents a compendium of information security controls commonly employed in the information security sector, accompanied by directives for their implementation. ISO/IEC 27002 categorizes information security controls into four groups: organizational (clause 5), personnel (clause 6), physical (clause 7), and technological (clause 8).

Why Is ISO/IEC 27002 Significant for You?

Participating in an ISO/IEC 27002 training course equips individuals with the guidance to institute, oversee, and consistently enhance information security management within an organization.

Given the diverse information security requirements and capabilities among organizations, ISO/IEC 27002 controls are designed to be adaptable and broadly applicable. PECB ISO/IEC 27002 training programs are geared toward providing participants with the knowledge necessary to select, implement, and manage these controls effectively.

A PECB certification attests to a person’s understanding and competence in managing information security risks through the application of pertinent information security controls. It also serves as evidence of their capacity to aid organizations in upholding information confidentiality, integrity, and availability, while also defending against threats and vulnerabilities and mitigating information security risks. Certified ISO/IEC 27002 professionals can play a pivotal role in teams responsible for implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

PECB ISO/IEC 27002 Certification Advantages

Possessing a PECB ISO/IEC 27002 certification will affirm that you have:

  • Grasped the implementation of information security controls and control policies in accordance with ISO/IEC 27002 guidelines.
  • Acquired practical knowledge of the methodologies and techniques used in implementing and efficiently managing information security controls.
  • Developed the necessary expertise to aid organizations in strategizing, executing, and supervising information security controls.
  • Understood the significance of risk management in determining appropriate information security controls.
  • Gained the capability to support organizations in their continuous enhancement of their information security management system.

ISO/IEC 27002 Benefits

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