Have you ever found yourself in charge of organizing a surprise birthday party or planning a family camping trip? Perhaps at work, you were tasked with creating a marketing plan, implementing cost-saving changes, or introducing new software for client management. If you’ve undertaken any of these responsibilities, you’ve already been exposed to various facets of project management, honing skills essential for effective project managers. PECB’s ISO 21502 training courses are designed to elevate your project management skills and propel you toward becoming a proficient project manager.

What is ISO 21502?

As an updated version of ISO 21500:2012, ISO 21502:2020 offers guidance to aid project managers and project-based organizations in the successful delivery of projects. The standard outlines high-level descriptions of practices proven effective in project management.

Applicable to any organization and all project types, ISO 21502 is valuable for project managers, executive management, project sponsors, boards, auditors, and those involved in developing national or organizational standards or practices for project management.

Why is project management important for you?
The rise of remote work and project-centric companies is expected to heighten the demand for skilled project management professionals. Earning professional certification in project management positions you to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the workforce. Moreover, project managers are sought across diverse industries, and certification can be a pivotal step toward a specialized career in managing projects within specific sectors like manufacturing, construction, IT, education, consulting, utilities, government, agriculture, mining, and oil and gas.

At the organizational level, adhering to ISO 21502 recommendations helps optimize resource utilization, maximizing value creation and achieving intended outcomes. It fosters employee collaboration, enhances communication among project stakeholders, and results in increased stakeholder engagement and customer satisfaction. ISO 21502 facilitates better business decisions, aiding in task prioritization, risk mitigation, and overall project success.

Embracing a career in project management transforms how you plan and execute activities within project contexts. As a trained and certified project manager, you’ll lead project teams, define objectives, scope, schedule, and budget, assess and manage risks, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and oversee project implementation.

Benefits of ISO 21502

By following ISO 21502 project management guidelines, organizations and project managers can:

  • Translate ideas into tangible or intangible deliverables
  • Successfully engage and manage stakeholders during project development and implementation
  • Initiate, plan, implement, control, and close projects with specific objectives, scope, and resources
  • Control changes to projects
  • Manage organizational and societal changes impacting projects
  • Conduct risk assessments and manage identified risks
  • Learn from project management activities

Changes from ISO 21500:2012 to ISO 21502:2020

ISO 21502:2020 replaces and supersedes ISO 21500:2012. The new edition shifts from a process-based to a practices and narrative-based format. In addition to introductory clauses, ISO 21502 comprises four main clauses:

  • Project management concepts
  • Prerequisites for formalizing project management
  • Integrated project management practices
  • Management practices for a project
  • Alongside this structural change, ISO 21502 introduces several enhancements.
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