What is ISO 26000?

ISO 26000 is an international standard developed to offer guidance on practicing social responsibility. Applicable to organizations of all sizes and industries aiming to contribute to societal health and well-being, this guidance standard helps enhance operational processes and fosters a healthy ecosystem.

Why is Social Responsibility important for you?

In the contemporary landscape, there is increasing public pressure for organizations to exhibit greater social responsibility and adhere to established social standards. Organizations worldwide are urged to take measures to improve their social performance and contribute to global betterment. The adoption of ISO 26000 allows organizations to showcase their commitment to sustainable development.

ISO 26000 certification signifies not only effective delivery of products and services to stakeholders but also a genuine concern for the environment’s sustainability. By pursuing ISO 26000 certification, organizations communicate their dedication to social responsibility, attract environmentally conscious customers and employees, and bolster their reputation.

Benefits of ISO 26000 Social Responsibility

ISO 26000 certification offers several advantages, enabling organizations to:

  • Increase profits.
  • Cultivate a more socially responsible organizational culture.
  • Enhance internal processes to contribute positively to the environment.
  • Raise awareness about the impact of social responsibility.
  • Motivate employees towards responsible practices.
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