What is ISO 37101?

ISO 37101 is an international standard that outlines requirements and offers guidance for establishing a management system focused on sustainable development in communities. The standard aims to assist communities in creating a framework that enhances their social, economic, and environmental aspects. Applicable to communities of all sizes, ISO 37101 supports sustainable development efforts for more intelligent, resilient, and efficient infrastructure, ultimately contributing to overall well-being. Addressing specific sustainability issues such as governance, education, innovation, healthcare, interdependence, safety, inclusivity, and more, the standard allows flexibility for incorporating additional relevant sustainability concerns as needed by the community.

Why is ISO 37101 important for communities?

In the face of depleting finite resources, the global issue of sustainable development has become paramount. Our current lifestyle is unsustainable and poses a burden of resource exhaustion on future generations. Transforming the way we live is crucial for making communities worldwide more sustainable.

This need aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including Zero Hunger, Affordable and Clean Energy, and Sustainable Cities and Communities. ISO 37101 integrates these goals, providing specific requirements to advance community sustainability.

Why pursue ISO 37101 certification?

ISO 37101 certification demonstrates your capability to contribute to communities in achieving social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Holding a PECB certificate from an ISO 37101 training course affirms your commitment to helping communities fundamentally shift toward sustainable development. This certification can enhance community attractiveness to investors, improve environmental preservation practices, increase adaptability to economic and social changes, and promote responsible resource usage.

Benefits of implementing ISO 37101 in a community

Implementing a sustainable development management system based on ISO 37101 enables a community to:

  • Foster consensus on sustainable development.
  • Establish a system aligning with the pillars of sustainable development (economic, social, and environmental aspects) and the UN SDGs.
  • Enhance sustainability, intelligence, and resilience of community strategies, programs, projects, plans, and services.
  • Preserve and enhance the environment.
  • Improve resilience and optimize resource usage.
  • Adopt a systematic approach to engaging all interested parties.
  • Increase the efficiency and attractiveness of communities.
  • Attain international recognition.
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