What is ISO 22317?

ISO 22317 is an international technical specification that offers comprehensive guidance on how to develop, implement, and sustain a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process. While it doesn’t prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach for conducting a BIA, it assists organizations in crafting a BIA process tailored to their specific needs. Organizations cannot obtain certification for their BIA under ISO 22317, but they can utilize it as a valuable reference to effectively establish a BIA process. ISO 22317 stands as the premier and solitary standard exclusively dedicated to Business Impact Analysis. It is designed to complement ISO 22301 but can also be utilized as a standalone standard. The primary goal of BIA processes is to assess the actual impact of disruptive events on an organization.

Why is Business Impact Analysis important?

Possessing the knowledge to outline a comprehensive process for conducting a Business Impact Analysis empowers you to advance your expertise. As a certified ISO 22317 professional, you’ll be equipped to assist your organization in identifying Business Continuity requirements crucial to the organization and its stakeholders. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to establish a recovery timeframe for the organization following a disruptive event and determine the essentials for business recovery in the aftermath of a disaster.

Benefits of ISO 22317 Business Impact Analysis

Implementing ISO 22317 offers several key benefits, including:

  • Gaining knowledge on how to identify and establish the relationships between products, processes, and activities.
  • Acquiring the skills to adjust the scope of the organization’s Business Continuity program.
  • Gaining a better understanding of the needs of partners and other interested parties.
  • Increasing the ability to identify legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements and their impact on Business Continuity requirements.
  • Comprehending the concepts, methods, tools, and techniques necessary for maintaining a BIA process.
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