Monitor and Protect Your Endpoints

Gain greater visibility into emerging insider threats, identify potential compliance breaches, reduce your response time to seconds, and kick-start your investigation and compliance teams with Nuix endpoint security software.

We’ve connected your security and investigation teams by providing an integrated agent that proactively monitors and responds to threats, then enables you to search for and collect evidence. Our endpoint software:

  • Proactively monitors and responds to threats
  • Searches for all kinds of valuable, risky, and sensitive information
  • Forensically collects evidence for investigation, litigation, security, and compliance.

Detect and Repel Suspicious Behaviors in Real Time

Detect security incidents, isolate affected endpoints from the network, and continuously record and monitor key digital behaviors to isolate compromised devices or harmful user activities.

Find Sensitive Information Across the Enterprise

Locate company intellectual property or personally identifiable information such as credit card records, Social Security and national identity numbers, company product formulas, and more, through a unified user experience.

Forensically Collect Active Data Sets

Collect forensic disk images or selected data from laptops, desktops, servers, enterprise file shares, or Microsoft SharePoint sites and make it available to legal, investigation, security, or compliance teams for further investigation.

nuix end point

Investigation, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, incident response, and compliance tasks require you to collect, relocate, and produce data from many devices and storage platforms, often from disparate, remote, and difficult-to-access sources.

Nuix Enterprise Collection Center makes collection processes simpler, faster, and cheaper. We’ve integrated a scalable, fault-tolerant collection process that helps you manage data collections from any number of connected and remote devices, preview data to include or exclude data as needed, and automate repetitive tasks using alerts, reports, and logs.

Using this product will allow you to:

  • Forensically collect across the enterprise
  • Perform full content searching on every endpoint
  • Collect only what you need—streamline the collections process
  • Integrate a complete workflow from collection to production.

Visibility into your environment is crucial for detecting and preventing breaches—whether by a careless employee, an executive with illegal motives, or a hacker determined to incite chaos and grab priceless sensitive user data.

Nuix Adaptive Security intelligently monitors, detects, and responds to threats wherever they originate, internal or external to the enterprise. With its customizable logic engine running on every endpoint, Nuix Adaptive Security has the power to automatically act on malicious behavior using only rules and criteria customized by your organization’s IT or security team—and laying the foundation for triage and further investigation.

Our product helps you to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to detect an impending or ongoing attack
  • Make malicious insider attacks more difficult to execute, and limit the damage they can cause
  • Accelerate recovery time
  • Easily adapt to changing environments, regulations, and attack vectors
  • Stop incidents in their tracks


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