Master Investigations With Forensic Precision

Nuix Investigate® is the most advanced investigation software on the market, blending cutting-edge digital workflows and graphic analysis with elements of traditional, non-digital investigations.

It offers powerful visualizations, search capabilities, and analysis tools built on top of our superior processing and indexing engine, which helps corporations, government agencies, law enforcement, and service providers examine and get answers from their data.

Massive amounts of data are time-consuming to manually sample and costly to outsource. Nuix Investigate allows you to interrogate your case data , whether for your investigation, response to regulatory inquiry, or for visual analysis and review.

Establish your case position sooner and identify the most influential suspects more accurately with our communication network analytics and visualizations that show who is talking to whom, about what, and how often—across many communication channels.

Enable investigators and other stakeholders to collaborate on case data and digital evidence, all while protecting sensitive information in the case with role-based access to the data and to product features.


The Nuix Difference

Growing data volumes and the broadening variety and complexity of digital evidence sources are crushing an investigator’s ability to make informed decisions. Coupled with the technical challenges, investigators find themselves going through mountains of evidence and massive backlogs. 

Nuix Investigate makes sense of the data chaos. It quickly extracts, correlates, and contextualizes thousands of data types, across people, objects, locations, and events, enabling multiple investigators to make faster and more accurate decisions in collaboration with their teams— wherever they are.

Additionally, you can use Nuix Investigate to automate repetitive tasks and workflows, and build visualizations of your case data. Let Nuix handle the burden of data filtering and sorting, so you can get back to what you do best: solving cases.

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